Machine moving & rigging

Machine Moving & Rigging

TCB Machine Moving & Rigging moves machines and equipment up to 200 tons in weight. Whether it is lifting and moving a small lathe, a 100-ton transformer or moving a printing machine to the 2nd floor, our skilled and certified Rigging Operators will take exceptional care whilst moving your valuable equipment and machinery. Our fleet of Crane Trucks range from 12ton/metre to 80ton/metre capabilities.

Our Rigging Equipment is certified to industry standards:
• 200 Ton Hydraulic Boom Gantry
• 45 Ton Boom Truck
• Forklifts with load capacities of 2,4,6,7 & 12 tons
• Specialised Crane Trucks with cranes ranging from 12 t/m to 165 t/m
• Low Bed trailers

Heavy Lifting

Heavy-Lifting (Up to 200 Tons)

TCB Machine Moving & Rigging’s specialised heavy-lifting equipment can lift machinery & equipment up to 200 tons. Our Heavy-lifting equipment is well maintained by our mobile mechanics.

200 Ton Hydraulic Gantry
Our 4 Post Lift 'N Lock Hydraulic Gantry system is used for Super-Lift requirements and can lift and safely hold 200 Tons whilst moving on a predefined track. The Gantry has 2 configurations, namely 2 post operation for 100 Ton lifting and 4 post operation for 200 Ton lifting. It is well suited for handling of large Presses, Transformers, Injection Moulders or similar units. The unique Cam-Lock system ensures that the load is always safe, even in the event of total hydraulic failure.
45 Ton Boom Truck (Tri-Lifter)
The Tri-lifter is ideal for lifting units weighing up to 45 tons. The Boom Truck is able to lift and move machines and equipment within confined spaces where cranes are unable to access.
Hidrokon Knuckle Boom Crane Truck
This knuckle boom crane can lift in excess of 36 tons at 6metre radius inside a factory.

Factory / Plant Relocation

For 30 years, TCB Machine Moving & Rigging has relocated multitudes of factories big and small.

Our experienced Supervisors and Managers meticulously plan and implement the factory/plant relocation. Rigging crews adhere to safety regulations and take great care to secure any load to ensure all equipment, machinery and tooling is lifted, transported and positioned intact.

Turnkey Projects

Partner with TCB Machine Moving & Rigging for TURNKEY project solutions. Our satisfied customers, some of which have entrusted us for 27 years exclusively for their machine moving and rigging requirements, can attest to our outstanding delivery and service excellence.

• De-commissioning & commissioning
• Electrical and mechanical work
• Rigging & Lifting
• Transport
• Epoxy flooring

Abnormal loads

Abnormal Loads (Countrywide)

TCB Machine Moving & Rigging’s variety of Flat Deck, Step Deck and Lowbed trailers are suited for long haul or local transportation requirements. Our trailers are fitted with twist locks and can accommodate 6m and 12m containers. We adhere to all regulations and arrange permits, escorts and route approvals for transportation of abnormal loads.

Container Handling new

Container Handling & Crating

This service offering includes the loading, transporting, offloading, packing and unpacking of all 6 and 12m container types, crates, boxes and cases.

From start to finish, TCB Machine Moving & Rigging takes great pride in getting the job done safely and on time.